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35button2Midessatech is a tech support/computer repair company which has been expanding in the world of websites and social media marketing. Here at Midessatech, we want local businesses to be able to reach out to customers who are going online to search for businesses. We can help your business get put on the map and increase your sales and make your business widely known.

Online searches for businesses is now the most popular way to find information on any buisness. No one uses a phonebook. Google is the top search engine for your business to be found, as well as other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and few others. We will promote your business with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure you show up on th first page results.


The most important aspect of data management is keeping good backups. Businesses use more and more data each year and having a reliable disaster recovery plan should be the goal for every business and their IT provider.

Using cloud-based data backups is the most secure form of protection. It will safeguard you from in-house natural disasters such as power outages, disk drive failure, data theft, fire, flood and so much more.

Midessatech has created an all in one solution. Our cloud backup and recovery services feature a rock-solid infrastructure managed by a team of experts. You get server and endpoint data protection with easy cloud recovery and remote support software for fast, reliable IT support.

Let us protect you and your business today! Call us (432) 704-5283 or use the link below for more information about our PC Assurance Plan.

Midessatech PC Assurance Plan