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Is your PC running slow? Are you getting a large amount of "pop ups" (advertising windows) on the Internet? Does your computer simply not behave like it used to? Are you getting an error?

Out dated technology, poor performance, slow and bogged down computers.. who needs em?  Back in the day .. Computers that cost 1200 dollars sold like hotcakes when the revolutionary Windows 98 came out..

But that was so long ago.. now computers are faster and cheaper than ever.  Keeping up isnt that expensive.  We maintain older systems but save you support cost with planned upgrades that maintain the latest standards.midessatechad.1

At MidessaTech our service will analyze your PC for security problems, such as spyware, viruses and other malicious programs. In addition, your PC will be checked for stability on both a hardware and software level.

If necessary, we will install various software packages we recommend to help keep your system secure. We will remove undesired programs and adjust certain Windows settings to bring the PC back to a solid state.