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The best Computer Repair and maintenance services begin with the PC Assurance Plan from Midessatech.
We work in Midland Texas on computer repairs and support with all versions of Microsoft Windows, versions from 3.1 up to windows 8.1.  We are are familiar with most popular software suites and support Microsoft Office and Quickbooks.  We also offer instant Remote Support Services. 

We are here for more than fixing problems, we help you streamline your workflow, upgrade outdated technology and move forward with the times.  We are here to fix problems, but we go beyond that and help you learn and innovate by sharing .. To improve your skills and abilities.. This is about more than just your computers performance and reliability.mtk3

All of our services are performed on-site by a professional consultant.  Our favorite thing to do (which is very beneficial to you) is bundling our services.  Doing so allows our consultants to provide a wide range of services all within a single visit, and also results in a substantial discount to you. Please check out our PC Assurance Plan for details. 

If you want to know more about our Computer Maintenance Services please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We pride ourselves on the work we have done and the clients we serve.  We build relationships with our customers and keep our client list small enough to serve each of them to our higest capacity.

We are long term Midlanders and have lived here most of our lives.  We provide websites, social media marketing and technology services in Midland Texas and are fortunate to work with only the best companies and people in our community.

Thank you Midland!