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About Us

Midessatech is a tech support/computer repair company which has been expanding in the world of websites and social media marketing. Here at Midessatech, we want local businesses to be able to reach out to customers who are going online to search for businesses. We can help your business get put on the map and increase your sales and make your business widely known.

Online searches for businesses is now the most popular way to find information on any buisness. No one uses a phonebook. Google is the top search engine for your business to be found, as well as other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and few others. We will promote your business with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure you show up on th first page results.

If your business isn't on the first page of a search, then you are missing out on potential sales and customers. We want your business to succeed.

Around 97% of businesses do not have active listings on Google and the other search engines.

Think about it for a moment: A local customer, looking for certain prodcuts or services which you provide, they look up that product/service on Google and sees you on the first page of results. They click on your business listing (website too, which we can do), they see that you have more reviews than any of your local competitors. They can go to your website and see in more detail who you are and what you offer, even have special online promotions and downladble coupons. The like what they see, a business that is devoted to the top customer care, and they head over or call to make a purchase.

That is Midessatech's goal, bringing in more new clients/customers for you.